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Yoga for Relaxation Mind and Body

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Yoga for Relaxation Mind and Body

yoga for relaxation of mind and body

  • 1 Lie down on a mat comfortably in shavasana
  • Become aware of the sound in the street outside the house.
  • Then shift your attention to the space within your body and become aware of the breath, inhale, exhale, air going in and out of the nostrils, through only. Then become aware of the heart-beat.
  • Become aware of the part of the body one by one directly in contact with the mat on which you are lying down. Imagine that the earth is cradling you.
  • Then become aware of the various energy centers in the body. Each hand, for example, has eight centers namely the top of the arm, elbow, the wrist, the tips of the five fingers. Similarly for the other hand and the two legs, on hearing the instruction, you have to shift your attention from center to center quickly without lingering at no center. You being with the finger tips and with the toe tips.
  • Become aware of the breath flowing at your stomach chest and nostrils.
  • Next step is called visualization it is very popular in the healing of many apparently incurable diseases. It particularly gives relief from the mental and emotional stress. The guide will talk with you and choose a large set to images which have happy memories for you. Then when you are reedy for this step, he/she will go on to suggest the names of scenes without any connection to each other, for example the list may be made of a blooming tree of champak flowers, sunset, walk in a beach. The crunching sound of leaves in a morning walk, the meditation trees, the hill top shining in the setting sun etc. you imagine all these scenes being projected on the ajna chakra, inhale, exhale. The psychic center between the eye brows.
  • Then imagine that the vibration of the sacred chant ‘om’ is coming out of ajna chakra center.
  • Rest peacefully for five minutes and get up slowly become aware of all the part of the body one by one.
  • The whole procedure should take not more than 3- to 4- minute.