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Bandha Hasta Utthanasana (locked hand raising pose)

Stand erect with the feet together and the arms by the sides. Relax the whole body and balance the body weight equally on both feet. Cross the wrists in front of the body.

Slowly raise the arms above the head, keeping the wrists crossed, and at the same time bend the head slightly backward and look up at the hands. Spread the arms out to the sides so that they form a straight line at shoulder level.

Hold the position, and then reverse the movement, re-crossing the wrists above the head.

Lower the arms straight down so that they are once again in the starting position, and look forward.

Repeat the process 10 times.

Breathing:For beginners – inhale raising the arms, exhale while spreading them out to the sides, inhale while re-crossing the wrists above the head, and exhale while lowering the arms. For more experienced practitioners – inhale while raising the arms and inhale more deeply while spreading them out to the sides. Exhale while re-crossing the wrists above the head and exhale more deeply while lowering the arms


Benefits:This asana rectifies round shoulders and removes stiffness from the shoulders and upper back. The deep, synchronized breaths improve breathing capacity. This asana also influences the heart and improves blood circulation.

The whole body, especially the brain, receives an extra supply of oxygen.