Gomukhasana (cow’s face pose)

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Sit in veerasana so that the right knee is directly above the left knee. Stretch the left arm to the side and then fold it behind the back. Stretch the right arm up above the head, then fold it over the right shoulder. The back of the left hand should lie in contact with the spine while the palm of the right hand rests against the spine. Try to clasp the fingers of both hands behind the back. Bring the raised elbow behind the head so that the head presses against the inside of the raised arm. The spine should be erect and the head back. Close the eyes. Stay in this position for up to 2 minutes. Unclasp the hands, straighten the legs and repeat with the left knee uppermost and the left arm over the left shoulder.



  • It relieves backache, sciatica, rheumatism and general stiffness in the shoulders and neck, and improves posture by increasing energy, awareness, and generally opening the chest area.
  • It alleviates cramp in the legs and makes the leg muscles supple.




People with Knee issues shouldn’t do this asana.