Paschimotasana – The Intense Forward Bending Pose

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Paschimotasana is an intense forward-bending pose that requires quite a bit of flexibility. This is a forward bending pose helps increase blood flow to the upper part of the body, ensures proper digestion, relieves the symptoms of menopause and can help reduce the pain during menstruation. It is also a great asana to tone the muscles of the lower back, increase flexibility and relieve stress. Paschimotasana is also a great asana to relax the entire body, making it a perfect to beat stress. This asana is highly beneficial for diabetes and also act as a helpful one to stimulate the functioning of the internal organs like liver, pancreas and kidney.

Steps to do this pose:

Sit with your legs stretched out on the floor. Next hold the big toe of your feet with your index finger and thumb. Now, exhale and slowly bend forward and try to touch your forehead to your knees. The key is that your elbows should touch the floor. Stay in this position for 10 to 15 counts and inhale as you rise back to the sitting position.


People who suffer from slipped disc, sciatica or hernia should not practice this asana.