Pre-Natal Yoga


Pre Natal yoga Training

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Pre Natal yoga Training
  • Course designed to teach yoga during pregnancy
  • The Program takes care of lessons before and after conception
  • The Program is designed to equip pregnant females yoga tools during 3 trimesters and Post-natal (After delivery)
  • Advanced Anatomy classes for making fundamentals clear and to understand human body and Pregnancy cycle
  • Ayurveda classes and lessons on importance of ayurveda before, during and after pregnancy
  • Trimester wise Asana classes well designed based on stage of pregnancy
  • Ancient mantra chanting for safe and healthy pregnancy
  • Lessons on usage of Props during pre-natal yoga sessions
  • Safety measures and tips for students while teaching
  • Add on lessons on Hatha yoga to equip teachers with extra knowledge
  • Group practice and teaching methodology lessons with safety standards
Start DateEnd Date
23rd November, 201730th November, 2017
23rd January, 201830th January, 2018
23rd March, 201830th March, 2018
23rd May, 201830th May, 2018

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