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Samakonasana (right angle pose)


Stand with the feet together and the arms by the sides.

Raise the arms straight up above the head. Bend the wrists so that the fingers are pointing forward.

Allow the hands to hang limp.

Arch the back slightly, pushing the buttocks out a little.

Slowly bend forward at the hips, keeping the legs straight, until the back is horizontal and forn1s a right angle with the legs. Keep the head, neck and spine in a straight line.

Hold the final position for up to 5 seconds.

Slowly return to the upright position, with the arms, head and back in a straight line. Lower the arms.

Practise 3 to 5 rounds.

Breathing:Inhale while raising the arms above the head. Exhale while bending forward.

Hold the breath in the final position. Inhale while raising the trunk.

Exhale while lowering the arms.

Awareness:Physical – on keeping the spine straight and maintaining balance, and on synchronizing the movement with the breath.

Contra-indications:This asana should not be practised by those suffering from acute sciatica. To avoid strain, people with backache should take care to bend from the hips and not from the waist.

Benefits:This asana works specifically on the shoulders and the back directly behind the chest. It rectifies tension and poor posture.