Simhagarjanasana (roaring lion pose)

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Sit in simhasana. Open the eyes and gaze at the eyebrow centre, adopting shambhavi mudra. Relax the whole body. Keep the mouth closed. Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. At the end of inhalation, open the mouth and extend the tongue out as far as possible towards the chin. While slowly exhaling, produce a clear, steady ‘aaa’ sound from the throat, keeping the mouth wide open. Do not strain or force the sound in any way. At the end of exhalation, close the mouth and breathe in.


  • This is an excellent asana for the throat, nose, ears, eyes and mouth, especially if performed facing the healing rays of the early morning sun.
  • It relieves frustration and releases emotional tension.
  • Tension is removed from the chest and diaphragm.
  • Simhagarjanasana is useful for people who stutter or who are nervous and introverted.
  • It develops a strong and beautiful voice.




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