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ü Sit erect with legs stretched, heels together, palms pressing on the floor by the side of the buttocks. Fold the right leg at the knee and place the heel under the right buttock. Fold the left leg at the knee and place the heel under the left buttock. Stand on the knees making the trunk vertical. Recline the body backwards and keep the palms on the soles. Slowly release the palms and return to 3rd position. Slowly sit on the heels. Unfold the left leg and keep it straight. Unfold the right leg and keep it to the side of left leg.




  • Flexibility of spine and blood flow to brain increases and tones up abdominal viscera and stretches thoracic region.
  • Good for back aches, breathing problems, arthritis, Lumbago, Sciatica, Flatulence and Gastric Troubles.




Heart patients should do carefully and Hernia patients should avoid