Vasistasana (Sage Vashishtha’s pose)

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ü Assume the final position of santolanasana variation Balance in this position, keeping the body straight. Bend the right knee and take hold of the big toe. Straighten the knee and raise the leg to the vertical position. Turn the head and focus the gaze on the right big toe. Balance the body, keeping the legs and arms straight. Hold the final position for a short duration. Do not strain. Bend the right knee and release the toe. Lower the leg and return to santolanasana. Lower the knees to the floor and relax in marjari-asana or shashankasana. Repeat the practice on the other side.



  • This asana improves nervous balance.
  • It also makes the leg muscles supple, strengthens the arms and tones the lower back.




This asana should not be practiced by people with hernia, high blood pressure, heart ailments, back conditions, vertigo or weakness of the limbs.